Help for a beginning radio presenter


  1. To get started, read all the necessary information in this section.
  2. If you have general questions, please ask them on our Forum .
  3. To contact the administration and solve problems, use our Contacts .

General issues

  1. First steps after creating a radio. Questions and answers.
  2. Errors, tech. work and other problems with the radio
  3. MP3, OGG and AAC audio quality as well as hz hertz under a microscope
  4. Copyright and legality of Internet radio
  5. Setting up your domain for broadcasting and listening
  6. Changing broadcast modes Auto-DJ <=> LIVE <=> LIVE
  7. Covers of files, artists, albums and tracks on radio
  8. Setting up the player code and information output
  9. OpenAPI documentation for status.json 2.0 file

Radio control panel

  1. Brief overview, registration and payment for a radio channel
  2. Review of tariffs and packages with various functions
  3. Lesson 1 - Launching your radio for the first time
  4. Lesson 2 - Jingle Rotation
  5. Settings: Function overview
  6. Streams and relays. Video streaming for radio.
  7. Video streaming 2.0 - Training video
  8. Add or change DJ users
  9. Order table: Management and description of functions
  10. Files and Playlists: Feature Overview
  11. Auto-DJ: Broadcast automation, Crossfade - Smooth crossfading, Live - live broadcasting
  12. Auto-DJ: How to manage files and playlists. Feature overview.
  13. Auto-DJ: Broadcast schedule for automating professional broadcasting.
  14. Library: Media Sharing
  15. Moderation: Feature Overview
  16. Statistics: Description

Programs for Internet radio broadcasting

  1. Programs for Internet radio broadcasting
  2. Installing and setting up MyRadio24 Player for broadcasting music (free)
  3. Installing and configuring DJin Lite / Digispot II for broadcasting music (free)
  4. Installing and configuring SAM Broadcaster for music broadcasting
  5. Installing and configuring RadioBOSS for music broadcasting
  6. Installing and configuring VirtualDJ 8 for music streaming
  7. Installing and configuring TRAKTOR PRO for music broadcasting
  8. A way to bring listeners on air using Skype