Programs for internet radio broadcasting

For Windows

1. MyRadio24 Player - our own media player for listening to music with the ability to broadcast music to the server using a microphone. This player plays all popular formats, you can create up to 4 playlists, and by entering the radio login and DJ password, you can start broadcasting to the server in one click. The program is completely free .
Official site:
Download from: our website
Documentation: Help / Forum

2. Radioboss - automation of broadcasting, voice acting of clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. The program's easy-to-learn interface and rich functional set will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result in creating sound design.
Official site:
Download from: developer site
/ mirrors v4.6.5 Yandex
Documentation: Help

3. Sam Broadcaster is a professional internet radio broadcasting tool created by SpacialAudio. With the right equipment, broadcasting on FM waves is possible. The program can generate playlists and publish them for viewing by users.
Official site:
Download from: developer site
/ mirrors v4.3.6 Yandex / mirrors v4.9.2 Yandex
Documentation: Help

4. Djin Lite is a free application designed to automate the broadcasting process.
It contains features that provide:
→ Pre-air preparation of the material
→ Scheduling
→ Automation of the broadcasting process up to autonomous broadcasting during the day
→ Broadcasting in semi-automatic mode with the ability to control the program from "fader-start" signals without the use of additional equipment
→ Support for the design of "live" broadcast (jingle machine)
Official site:
Download from: developer site / Yandex mirror
Documentation: Help / Developer site

5. Virtual DJ is a great program that will turn your personal computer into an advanced DJ studio. With excellent tools for mixing MP3 files in real time, as well as a huge number of effects, special gadgets, templates and transitions, Virtual DJ Pro will rightfully become a real boon for creative people. The program has such useful features as automatic and manual adjustment of the speed of tracks, realistic imitation of vinyl records, auto-mixing of tracks, built-in equalizer and much more.
Official website:
Download from: developer site
/ mirrors v7 Yandex
Documentation: - Help / Developer site / VDJPedia

6. TRAKTOR PRO is a great program that will turn your personal computer into an advanced DJ studio. This program was created for professional DJs who broadcast not only on the Internet. Internet broadcasting is possible only in OGG format. Our server supports broadcasting in this format only on the PRO tariff - with transcoding to MP3 or AAC.
Official site:
Download from: developer site
Documentation: Help

7. Winamp 5 + Oddcast DSP plugin - Oddcast DSP is an audio encoder plugin for Winamp 5 that can be used to create different types of internet stream. Currently supported types are: mp3, ogg vorbis, ogg flac, as well as AAC+. Can be used to stream data to Icecast2 and SHOUTcast servers.
Official sites closed or outdated: |
Download Winamp 5 from: our site
Download Oddcast DSP from: our site
Download Edcast DSP from: our website
Download Shoutcast DSP from: mirrors
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