How to send listeners on air using Skype

Here we will show you a very simple way to bring listeners on air through the Skype program, as well as how to make joint broadcasts with two or more presenters.

For this you will need:

1. The Skype program which you can download on the official site .
2. Any program for broadcasting (in our example, we will consider SAM Broadcaster).
3. The Virtual Audio Cables program can be downloaded from the official website .

Broadcast setting:

1. Run the Setup file from the archive you downloaded and fully install the program on your computer.
2. After installation, a shortcut should appear on the desktop (if it does not appear, find it yourself or check the installation status of the program) Control Panel - open it.
3. In the Driver Parameters field in "Cables", enter the value 3 and click on Set (highlighted in red in the screenshot) (Fig. 1)

Rice. one

4. In the downloaded archive, find the X64 and X86 folders and, depending on your operating system, open the folder you need.
5. Run the audiorepeater.exe file, for this we need 4 open windows of this program (Fig. 2).
6. After running this program, we need to set the values for each window
→ In the first window: Wave in set to your microphone, and Wave out set to Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)
→ In the second window: Wave in set to Line 1(Virtual Audio Cable) , and Wave out set to Line 3(Virtual Audio Cable)
→ In the third window: Wave in set to Line 2(Virtual Audio Cable) , and Wave out set to Line 3(Virtual Audio Cable)
→ In the fourth window: Wave in set to Line 2(Virtual Audio Cable), and Wave out set to your speakers.
In all four windows, press the "Start" button

Rice. 2

7. We go into the Skype program - tools - settings - sound settings (Fig. 3). For speakers, select the value Line 2 (Virtual Audio Cable) and then save the settings.

Rice. 3

8. Next, go to the SAM Broadcster program and find the Voice FX window, press the Config button in this window (Fig. 4).
→ In the Voice FX destination (Recording mode) field, select the Encoders value.
→ In the Recording settings field, select Recorder driver - DirectSound recorder, Record soundcard device - Virtual Cable 3.

Rice. 4