Installing and configuring VirtualDJ 8 for streaming music

In order to get started and start using VirtualDJ on the Myradio24 radio service, you need to know that broadcasting to the radio server is available only in paid PRO versions of the program - license comparison table , as well as from version 8.0 and newer . Let's follow a few simple steps.


To get started with VirtualDJ 8, go to the download page on the site:

Select the PC(Windows) or Mac version, depending on your operating system, to download the installer and follow the instructions to install the software for your operating system. The installation of the Windows version will be described next.

1. Open the downloaded file and double click on the setup file. The installer window will open. Click the Next button.

2. Read the license agreement, check the box next to "I accept the terms in the license agreement" (I accept the terms in the License Agreement). Click the Next button to continue the installation, or the Cancel button to exit the installer.

3. Select the recommended installation type (Typical).

4. Click on "Install" to proceed with the installation. The files will start copying to your computer. At this stage, Windows may display a pop-up window asking you to confirm or deny the installation of the software. Click the Yes button to continue.

5. The installer will continue installing the required components and notify you when the installation is complete. Click Finish once. Double click the VirtualDJ 8 icon on the desktop to open the software.

First start

On first launch, a registration window will appear on top of the VirtualDJ interface.

Log in with your DJ Name or email address and password for your account. If you don't have an account on, you can sign in with your Facebook, Microsoft ID, or Google account, but the developers strongly recommend creating an account on the site.

Registering on the site provides the following benefits:
→ All your licenses are in one account
→ You can chat with other community users on the forum
→ Provides access to hundreds of addons and plugins according to your license level
→ Allows you to organize podcasting on the site
→ Ability to save the lost on the site (history)
→ Access to CloudLists (a place with other DJs' playlists) where you can check out other users' playlists, help newcomers find music, organize and upload your own playlists, or join other groups

If you don't have an account, you can easily create one. This can be done both on the site by visiting it at the link - , and in the VirtualDJ window. where you need to specify the name you want and free to register, click the Reserve button, create an account manually or use a social network account.

If you do not need to register on the site, you can simply close the window by checking the box - Do not ask again.

After all the steps, you can proceed to setting up the program.


To broadcast to a radio server, one of the PRO versions of the program is required, and without activating the PRO version, the program will not allow broadcasting to the radio server. Therefore, go to the Settings button in the upper right corner of the program and open the program settings.

Go to the Licenses tab, if you were logged into your account, then the name of your license will be displayed in the Current Licenses field, if not, then you can add a license in the current licenses field by clicking the Enter key code button (Enter a keycode).

Next, let's go to configure broadcasting to the radio server on the tab - Broadcasting (Broadcast) - Radio server (Radio server) and specify the following settings:
→ 1. Protocol (Protocol): IceCast
→ 2. Encoding Quality: MP3-128kbps
→ 3. Server URL (Server URL): (You can see it in the radio control panel on the site , in the section - Streams and Info, in the table - Connection to the server for LIVE broadcasting )
→ 4. Connection address (Mount Address): specify your stream address (mount), you can also find it in the radio control panel, in the table - Connecting to a server for LIVE broadcasting
→ 5. Server Port: 9000
→ 6. Login: Username - source or the name of the added DJ in the radio control panel on the site , in the section - DJ
→ 7. Password (Password): your administrator password (if you broadcast as an administrator yourself) or the password from the added DJ
→ 8. Start broadcasting (Start Broadcast) - this button starts broadcasting to the radio server of your compositions launched in the VirtualDJ program.

That's all, good luck on the air and in exploring the possibilities of this wonderful program!