MyRadio24 Player program for listening and broadcasting music

We have developed our own player for listening to music and a program for broadcasting radio on MyRadio24 hosting. The program is absolutely free, easy to use, does not require installation and weighs only 12MB . The easiest way to start broadcasting, enter the radio login and password of the presenter, press broadcast - you're done. There are 3 player display formats available - narrow, medium and wide. Currently supported media files are: mp3/ogg/wav/wma/flac/aac/m4a/mp4 and m3u/m3u8 playlists .
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Overview of the program for broadcasting radio MyRadio24 Player v1.1

Download MyRadio24 Player v1.2
Download the file to your Windows desktop and simply run it. Installation is not required.

IMPORTANT for Windows 7/8/Vista
If the program does not start or does not work, install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 from the Microsoft website and restart your PC:

IMPORTANT for Windows 10/11
When downloading a program via the Internet, Windows 10 treats it with distrust - after all, it is not yet registered with Microsoft . If you see a blue window warning, click the link for more details and Run. If one of the antiviruses erroneously swear, please let us know by sending a screenshot. No viruses - tested with VirusTotal .

What's new in version 1.2
- fix bugs in broadcasting and displaying UTF-8 encoding
- improved support for aac/m4a/mp4 formats
- now you can add files by clicking on the folder icon
- auto-delete not found files from playlists
- added icon for opening listening and broadcasting logs
- added playlist for broadcasting - StreamList:
(you can add tracks from playlists to it and generate a sequence)

What's new in version 1.1
- fixing errors in the microphone and meta tags
- support flac/aac/m4a/mp4 formats
- radio playback support
- support for m3u / m3u8 playlists
- choice of language for the player (about 5 translations)
- broadcast stability and auto reconnect
- 32 bit Windows support
- read more on our forum


Rice. one

On the right, click on the gear icon (Fig. 1).

Rice. 2

In the window that opens, enter the radio login and password for LIVE broadcasting dj.
Choose the quality of the broadcast in which your radio station broadcasts.
If necessary, you can change the Crossfading values and select the desired equipment (microphone or mixer) in the "Microphone or mixer" field.
Click OK.

Rice. 3

Click on the "Audio Stream" button to start broadcasting (Fig. 3).
If the icon turns white, then the broadcast has started.

If an error message appears (Fig. 4), then you have entered an incorrect radio login or password.
If you have forgotten your broadcast password, you can change it in the radio control panel, section "Users".

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