Setting up the RadioBOSS program for broadcasting music

1. Launch RadioBOSS. Open the settings window (menu Settings-Settings...), in the " Broadcasting " section, check the " Enable broadcasting " option.

2. In the settings of the desired output (for example, Output 1 - you can also configure other outputs for simultaneous broadcasting in different formats and/or with different bitrates):
→ fields " Server ", " Password " - filled with your access data to the server.
In the "Server" field write where login is the radio login and in the "Password" field - your DJ password.

3. The remaining fields are filled in arbitrarily (they are informative for the user) - the name and description of the station, genre, etc.

4. It is recommended to enable the " Auto reconnect " option - this will allow you to automatically reconnect to the server in case of a connection failure for any reason.
It should look something like this:

Rice. one

5. After all settings are done, click OK and restart RadioBOSS.
If everything is configured correctly, then after restarting RadioBOSS, the report (bottom left corner) will show " Connected to server! ". In case of an error, its code and a brief description will appear, before continuing, the error must be corrected.

6. Now everything that plays in the program will be broadcast to the network.