Auto-DJ - broadcast automation, Crossfade - smooth crossfading, Live - live broadcasting, RTMP - video relay

Difference between Auto-DJ options

Auto-DJ Start - The peculiarity of this version is that it only works with cloud files. Therefore, you will not be able to upload files larger than 15MB . Your files are also made publicly available to others . Suitable for well-read radio presenters.

Auto-DJ Lite - Popular! A compromise solution for experienced radio presenters. This version works quite stably; if you follow several rules, problems with operation are excluded. In addition, this version contains a sufficient number of functions to satisfy an advanced radio amateur.

Auto-DJ PRO - The Best! The ideal solution for professionals. This version includes absolutely all the functions of the service, crossfading, recoding, inserting jingles on top, etc. It is 100% stable and, most importantly, allows you to transcode all streams on the fly. This also makes it possible to add a second stream in a different format. For example, to listen on mobile phones while saving traffic, you can add a high-quality stream in 64kbps aac+ format. In addition, you have the opportunity to create radio rebroadcasts in video format to streaming services or immediately broadcast video through a program in RTMP format with translation into an m3u8 Low-Latence HLS playlist.

The main problems of stability of cheap tariffs and ways to solve them

In order for any player to work without problems, not to be interrupted, not to stutter and not to change the playback speed when changing tracks, it is necessary that the Auto-DJ stream and the LIVE stream be in the same constant quality. This means that parameters such as sampling frequency (hz) and stereo/mono should always be the same. Bitrate (kbps) can change and this usually does not affect the stability of the broadcast.

Let's take the cheapest tariff with Auto-DJ for 3 euros. This tariff is suitable mainly for broadcast fans, who usually hardly broadcast live LIVE. What needs to be done in order to achieve stable broadcasting at this tariff. We recommend that you always broadcast LIVE in the same quality, for example: mp3/44100hz/stereo . Unfortunately, not all DJs broadcast in the required quality. We have to explain to everyone the correct broadcast settings. If this is not followed, the radio will not work properly. If you use third-party relays, they should also be in the same format.

In order not to bother, a professional tariff from 10 euros with Auto-DJ PRO comes to the rescue. It transcodes everything on the fly to the quality specified in the admin panel, adds crossfading where needed, rebroadcasts into multiple streams and has various other features. The price for this is high consumption of server resources.