Setting up SAM Broadcaster to broadcast music with a microphone


1. You can download Sam Broadcaster from the official website . Install by constantly pressing the Next >> button (Fig. 1)
Default program installation folder: C:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\
2. Select the database ( database ) where to install (it is better to use Firebild) (Fig. 2)
3. We will have an activation window, where we enter the activation key received from the developer (Fig. 3)


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Rice. 3


1. Launch SAM Broadcaster, click Window at the top and check the box next to Encoders (Fig. 4)
2. Let's take a closer look at the available windows (Fig. 5)
→ Deck A and Deck B - decks in which tracks sound alternately
→ VoiceFX - microphone control and settings
→ Playlist - music from your computer
→ Queue - tracks that will be played on the air
→ Encoders are used to connect and disconnect from the server (using two buttons: play and stop, which are next to "+")
→ History - History. All sounded files on your air after the start of playback are placed in this window (not cleared)
→ The clock shows the time on your PC

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3. In order to turn on the music, you need to drag the track from the Queue to one of the two decks
4. Connect to the server to start broadcasting:
Click on "+" in Encoders , then Mp3 normal (Fig. 6)
Select the quality and speed of sound from the Format list: (depending on the speed of the Internet 64, 96, 128 kilobits)
In General options , we set 5 seconds in both columns (Fig. 7)
Next, select the Server Details tab and enter your data (Fig. 8)
→ Server Type - select IceCast server.
→ Server Ip - the server specified in the admin panel, for example
→ Server Port - server port 9000
→ Password - broadcast password (used to go on air)
→ Mount - your broadcast stream /login_live
→ Station name - The name of your radio, (you can write the name of the presenter and for example icq)
→ Genre - the music genre of your radio
→ Link to radio website (if available)
After filling in all the fields, click "OK"

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5. Set up the microphone in the VoiceFX window (Fig. 9)
→ Rearrange point from Mixer to Encoders
Record Soundcard card device , you can move it to your sound card

Rice. nine

6. You can start broadcasting in the Encoders window (Fig. 10)
Just select the added Encoder from the list and click on the Play button.

Rice. 10