Errors, tech. work and other problems with the radio

The radio is not available , and the site of the host itself does not open, what is it?

The most common reason is that you are blocked by the server firewall. This means that you accidentally performed some actions that the server considered an attack and temporarily blocked. Just wait for unblocking, and if this happens often, send your IP address and blocking time to find out the reasons. However, once a year such a case is also possible - radio and hosting are not available for several listeners at once. This may be due to night work in the Data Center or on the server (we notify) or an accident on the highway (access is lost for some countries). Usually such problems are fixed quickly and there is no way to affect the speed.

The radio is silent , but the hosting site opens and you can see how other radios work fine, what is it?

In this case, the problem is exclusively with your radio. First of all, go to the admin panel and check if the radio is paid, check if Auto-DJ is running. If everything is in order, try re-saving the Settings in the admin panel, and also try changing the radio server for example from listen1 to listen2 and back, and of course restart Auto-DJ itself. Why? It's very simple, if you have incorrectly compiled playlists, uploaded a corrupted intro or any other mp3 file that contains errors, there is a small chance that your radio will freeze and will not be able to continue playing automatically. Tip: Periodically check playlists with the Check function, and also download files only with the transcoding option enabled on download.

The radio is not stable , interrupts, stutters, what is it?

Previously, about 5-10 years ago, interruption and stuttering really did not occur infrequently. This is due to the fact that we tried different Data Centers and different servers. Now this is practically impossible. At the moment, we use only expensive powerful servers with Gigabit channels placed in new racks with a large supply of channels. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, if you have a stuttering problem, you should blame your ISP's connection quality, and in some cases your own HTML5 player has been to blame. What to do? Tip: Try to check the quality of the connection, see below for more details.

The radio plays stably, but not correctly , for example, AutoDJ includes the wrong songs and playlists, why?

Auto-DJ and playlist schedules are very finely tuned. It is necessary to understand all possible outcomes and causes in accordance with the given settings. Tip: Learn how Auto-DJ works

How to check the quality of connection with the server?

You need to ping your server to check for packet loss, and run tracert to trace the path. For a more detailed check and location of packet loss, you can run the pathping command. When executing the pathping command , it is important to wait until the statistics are calculated at the end, "Counting statistics for: ..."

How to execute commands?

Press the combination WIN + R and enter cmd - a black window will appear in which you can enter ping commands:

WinMTR - to determine the loss of packets on the route

To determine the packet loss on the route, use the WinMTR program - - download and run this program for 15 minutes specifying as Host: - TXT send us the result.

Please note that almost all the problems that users have on our hosting are related to a misunderstanding of the system and the principles of its operation. In case of any sudden problems or during the work, we always inform users on the forum and mailing list.