The first steps after the creation of the radio

This information will help you get started quickly and find answers to common questions.
You have created a radio channel and entered the administration panel, what's next:
1. First, familiarize yourself with all the control panel items.
2. Your radio is already working, just start broadcasting by connecting from your computer through one of the broadcast programs .
3. To run Auto-DJ, you need to create one working playlist, and to create a playlist, you need to upload music.
→ upload music in the files section using one of the available methods
→ create a playlist in the files section using the "Add selected to playlist" function
→ run Auto-DJ by clicking on the Play icon at the top of the Auto-DJ control, the status should change from red to green
4. Pay attention to the instructions for Auto-DJ and work with the Playlist Schedule .

Frequently asked questions and answers

How to listen to the radio?
→ To listen to the radio, just open the page with the player, but you can also use the regular Windows Media Player or install Winamp 5 .

What do DJs need?
→ For beginners, you can start with our simple free broadcasting program MyRadio24 Player or broadcast LIVE directly from the control panel. For professional broadcasting , install and configure one of the programs for broadcasting, such as SAM or Radioboss .
→ You can also receive calls from listeners live or create broadcasts with multiple DJs via Skype .

How to connect to the server to listen / transmit sound?
→ To connect to the server, you need to use the LIVE server domain instead of the IP address, port 9000 and broadcast stream /login_live . DJs also require a password. You can find all relevant data of your radio channel in the control panel.

Is it legal to play my radio on the Internet?
→ For more information, see the article:
Questions and answers on copyright and legality of internet radio

What can I, "like a DJ", play on my radio channel?
→ Playback of songs via Internet radio is considered distribution by law.
→ Therefore, it is recommended to play the radio only for a narrow circle of listeners for non-commercial purposes.
→ It is also necessary to disclose the name and author of each song so as not to violate authorship.

My radio is not playing - silent, what could be the reasons?
There may be several reasons:
→ 1. Your radio is not paid or expired - just pay for it and restart Auto-DJ.
→ 2. Your radio is not receiving sound stream - check your broadcast settings and check if Auto-DJ is enabled.
→ 3. Something happened to the player - try the new code of our player and see if the radio works on our site.
→ 4. If it still does not work, change the broadcast server in the settings to another one and back, and then restart Auto-DJ.
(usually helps with strange rare circumstances)