Changing broadcast modes Auto-DJ <=> LIVE <=> LIVE

Automatic broadcast change between Auto-DJ and LIVE

On our hosting, changing Auto-DJ <=> LIVE modes is fully automated. By default, Auto-DJ always plays, but as soon as the presenter connects to the broadcast, the server picks up the LIVE stream and smoothly transfers the broadcast to it - in PRO tariffs with crossfading! As soon as the presenter goes off-air, the server will return the Auto-DJ broadcast. If you absolutely do not need broadcasting via Auto-DJ, you can simply delete all files and then silence will sound on the Auto-DJ broadcast - the null file. A special feature of our hosting is continuous broadcasting and constant support of communication with the listener on the channel. Even when you restart the radio in the panel, the connection with the listener is not interrupted. If the broadcast starts constantly jumping from LIVE to Auto-DJ and back, then this indicates a poor, unstable connection of the presenter to the air - the connection is constantly interrupted.

Change of broadcast between different presenters LIVE and LIVE

Technically, the server is capable of simultaneously processing only one LIVE broadcast for your radio. This means that the presenters must take turns connecting to the radio, because the channel will be busy. For a smoother transition, presenters can agree on a time to change the air and after one is disconnected, another will connect. But what if the presenter forgot to disconnect from the air or simply cannot do it at the right time? In this case, you need to mute or temporarily block this presenter through our radio control panel. The connection with the server will be interrupted and you will be able to immediately connect to the channel. Please note that if you simply disconnect the host, its program may automatically reconnect within a few seconds. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable for all presenters in the broadcast program to set a reconnection interval of at least 5 seconds and, after disconnecting the old presenter, immediately connect to the broadcast.

How to add hosts and give them the right to mute others

Our system provides for simple registration of users or radio presenters. To do this, we need to go to the Users section of the control panel. In this section below there is a description and a link to the admin panel, which must be communicated to the presenters to register in the system. After presenters have registered, the administrator must activate their accounts in the Users section. There you can also fully manage users, for example, upload photos, change data, set access time, change broadcast password, add access rights, temporarily disable or completely delete a user. And so, in order to disconnect other presenters from the air, you need to add the Moderation access right. Please note that this right also includes the entire Moderation section with the ability to view, block and mute current listeners. If the presenter has the Moderate right, then he can go to the control panel and mute the current presenter in the upper right corner.