Setting up DJin Lite to broadcast music

You can download DJin Lite from the official website absolutely free.

1. Installation .

We launch the installation file. Choose a language and click OK

Rice. one

Click Next

Rice. 2

We constantly click Next if all the components are installed on your computer. If not, then click on the red message and install it.

Rice. 3

Install and run the program.

Rice. 4

2. Set up DJin Lite .

At the first and subsequent launches, you will see a detailed message about the description of the program's operating modes. Select the broadcasting configuration "X-Player" , click "Launch the application".

Rice. five

Next, you need to go to the settings: “Service” / “Hardware” / “ASIO Setup”.

Rice. 6

Press the button "Internet broadcasting"

Rice. 7

In the editor of Internet broadcasting devices, click the “Add” button.

Rice. 8

Select the type of Internet device "CastServer" . The "device name" field is arbitrary, for example, write "myradio24". Click OK.

Rice. nine

Go to the threads tab and click "Add new thread".

Rice. 10

In the "Mount point" field, enter your stream address (mount) .

Rice. eleven

Enter the details of your radio station:
Server - Icecast
Address -
Port - 9000
Password - enter a unique password for LIVE broadcasting
Sound format - Mpeg 1 layer 3, 44100, Stereo, Stream (Kbit / sec) choose the one that is set in your settings on
Click OK 2 times

Rice. 12

We put two checkboxes "Autostart" and "Startup" on our Internet broadcasting. Press exit and restart the program for DJin Lite to work correctly. Click "File" - "Restart Application".

Rice. 13

After the reboot, we go back to the ASIO settings to check the correct launch of the broadcast. If the connection was successful, you will see a green indicator and the status “Starting”.

Rice. fourteen

Now you need to set up audio transmission from the DJin Lite player to the server. To do this, click on the three dots below (Indicated by the red arrow in Fig. 20), select "Properties".

Rice. 15

In the parameters, select the item “Playback” / “Channel A” / “Playback device” and select our ASIO device "myradio24", press OK.

Rice. 16

The program is set.