Create internet radio online

To create a radio, log in to our panel by entering your E-mail - the password will be sent by mail. After authorization in the form of creating a radio, just click the Create account button and you will receive 1 day for free for testing.

Radio Hosting Tariffs

We present you favorable tariffs for radio stations of any level.



  • LITE Feature Pack
  • 300 listeners online
  • 6GB for files
  • 7 days test


5 €

  • LITE Feature Pack
  • 500 listeners online
  • 10GB for files
  • Without recoding


10 €

  • PRO feature package
  • 1000 listeners online
  • 20GB for files
  • +1 thread transcoding


20 €

  • PRO feature package
  • 2000 listeners online
  • 40GB for files
  • +2 stream recoding



  • PRO feature package
  • 3000 listeners online
  • 60GB for files
  • +3 stream transcoding


40 €


START package

Auto-DJ - for beginners
This package contains all the basic functions of our hosting. At this tariff, the maximum size of the uploaded media file is up to 15mb , in other tariffs up to 500mb . In Myradio24 catalogs only through search.

LITE package

Auto-DJ Lite - for amateurs
Personal SSD storage
File Library
Artist covers
Page customization
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+ all features of the FREE package

PRO package

Auto-DJ PRO - for professionals
TuneIn, LastFm and YouTube
Crossfading and normalization
Add. streaming and video streaming
PRO features +++
VIP privileges
+ all functions of the LITE package.

Radio basic information and basic functions

Try to become the head of the musical movement on the Internet or just a DJ. All tariffs include Auto-DJ for free, which allows you to play non-stop music. You can easily upload your music to the server through the radio control panel. You can also create your own playlists for Auto-DJ and start playback according to the schedule. And of course, you can broadcast music directly from your PC using one of the broadcast programs .

Your own broadcast server - an analogue of the IceCast2 server. You can connect your domain.
Any broadcast quality: 32kbps - 320kbps - the broadcast quality is chosen by the radio admin or presenter
Recommended: 128kbps/44Khz - requires little data, great sound
DJ's Management: Add DJ's with different passwords and permissions for LIVE broadcasting and radio control
Greeting Jingle: Simply upload the greeting file for the desired stream. Support for mp3 and aac+ streams.
Stream Relay: Rebroadcast any other radio stream instead of using Auto-DJ
AutoDJ <=> Live Mode Change: Automatically fade between modes when the DJ goes live
Admin panel and moderation: a very convenient and functional control panel of our own design

Broadcast automation with Auto-DJ, schedule and playlists

Different versions of Auto-DJ with the ability to switch songs to the next or any other
Uploading media files: each file up to 300 mb, available space in tariffs ( SSDs )
Multi-upload: download multiple files at once by simple drag and drop
No artist repeats: in random mode, you can disable the repetition of one artist
Playlists for Auto-DJ: unlimited playlists, quick compilation and management
Broadcast schedule: broadcast schedule with a huge number of functions in the style of cron
Inclusion of an mp3 file from the Internet: inclusion of files from the cloud or from the Internet is available ( PRO only)
Stream transcoding: transcode streams to different bitrates and mp3/aac+ formats ( PRO only)
Crossfading: Adjusting the smooth mixing between songs and AutoDJ <=> Live modes ( PRO only)

Stability, quality, players, statistics and more

Stability guarantee
Continuous broadcasting and auto-start of the radio when falling
Reboot without fail: Reboot broadcast server and Auto-DJ without losing listeners
Gigabit servers: we use gigabit servers with high-quality connection, uptime ≈100%
No problems with coding
Solved all problems with Russian encodings of old media files
Own players: several players with visualization have been developed, a simple opportunity to create your own player
Scripts with information: scripts for your site with dynamically updated information
Order table: allows you to accept applications from listeners, easily integrated into the site
Affiliate program: pay for the radio at the expense of others, invite friends and acquaintances to the project
Detailed statistics of listeners by unique connections, sources, devices, countries, cities with a map.

It is impossible to describe all the possibilities of our hosting :)

Convenient payment by any means

To register in our system, just enter your E-mail or log in through the social network. After authorization, you can place an order in one click. We provide not only radio stations, but also PHP hosting for websites, chat rooms and domain registration. When paying, you can link a bank card or instantly pay with electronic money. Write to us if you did not find your payment method.