Streams and relays. Video streaming for radio.

Video Streaming 2.0 - Tutorial Video

Thread name or title

The stream name is the name used as an identifier that will be part of the stream reference.
The characters allowed in the stream name are a-z0-9 . The stream prefix radio_ cannot be changed.
Examples of additional streams: radio_128, radio_main, radio_best, radio_low, radio_video
Link example: to stream or playlist
How to set up your link: Set up your domain for broadcasting and listening

Adding an additional radio stream

You can rebroadcast the main stream of your radio channel in different bitrates and formats. All bitrates are available in quality from 32-320 kbps in mp3 or aac+ format. The ogg format as outgoing is no longer supported by us, as it has flaws. But we do support an incoming ogg stream - for example, when broadcasting through the Traktor program or relaying. If you need high quality sound at low bitrate, we recommend adding 64 kb aac+ . More about formats: MP3, OGG and AAC sound quality, as well as hertz under the microscope

Adding and configuring video relays

Unique opportunity of our hosting. You can turn your radio stream into a video relay. We transcode the audio stream into a video format and send it to the video services you specified. The sound is taken from your added aac streams as close to 128 aac , if there are none, then the sound is streamed in 64 aac - quality like 128 mp3. There are currently 3 types of video broadcasts available:

video.rtmp - Select this format to relay radio in Low-Latence HLS video format with m3u8 playlist. In this case, your radio will be broadcast through our server on our sites, and the m3u8 playlist can be used in any HLS player and even on TV .

restream.rtmp - Select this format to rebroadcast radio in RTMP video format to other streaming services, for example:
YouTube , VK , OK , Twitch,, and any others. Depending on your tariff, you can add up to 20 such relays. If the number of retransmissions is not enough for you, you can retransmit to the free service, and from it to others.

livestream.rtmp - Select this format to start a new RTMP video stream via OBS in Low-Latence HLS format and your m3u8 playlist. In this case, you can broadcast anything, such as video from your studio or how you stand at the DJ booth. In the OBS -> Output settings, be sure to specify Keyframe interval: 2 seconds, bitrate from 1000-2000 kbps and HD resolution 1280x720 .

Loading a background for video rebroadcasts and working with a playlist

After adding the relay video, our video will be used as the background by default. You can upload up to 10 background videos or pictures of your own. Pictures will be converted into 5 sec video. Now for each relay you can set your own playlist - a sequence of video files. In the playlist field, it is enough to indicate the numbers of the downloaded files separated by a space. The playlist plays around.

Display the name of the current track at the bottom of the video background

This is an experimental feature and you need to meet several conditions to activate it:
1. Upload a short video (up to 10 seconds) or a suitable picture under cover1.mp4 (delete the old one if there is one already)
2. Specify video number 11 in one of the relay playlists
3. After changing the name of the track, from the file cover1.mp4 will be generated by the system cover11.mp4 (also displayed)
4. If this file has already appeared, then to start the playlist with file 11 , it is enough to restart the radio.
5. That's all, now every time you change the track, the video will be replaced with a new one. You can also specify another playlist: 11 2 11 3

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