7Kilowatte Radio Station


[color=green][b][i]7KILOWATTE RADIO STATION[/i][/b][/color]
7Kilowatte is a 24/7 internet radio station broadcasting the best selected electronic music, shows and provided by worldwide DJs, musicians from Chillout & Lounge to Organic, Deep, Melodic House and Tech House.

Listen, Feel, Enjoy with 7Kilowatte!


Send your tracks, mixes and shows to email 7kilowatte.info@gmail.com
We will definitely listen and give you feedback.

[b][size=3]Schedule 7Kilowatte:[/size][/b]

🕖[b]7:00-11:00[/b] — [b]Lazy Morning[/b] (Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo)
🕚[b]11:00-13:00[/b] — [b]Delicious Feelings[/b] (Chill House, Jazz House, Funky House)
🕑[b]13:00-22:00[/b] — [b]Rhythm Of The Day[/b] (Organic House, Melodic House, Deep House)
🕘[b]22:00-7:00[/b] — [b]Tech Session[/b] (Tech House)

[b]Radio Shows:[/b]

🟠[b]Sunset Hour [/b]
[i]Every two weeks on Thursday at:[/i]
15:00 (Berlin) 14:00 (Lisboa) 17:00 (Moscow))
🟣[b]Go Show[/b]
[i]Every second Wednesday at:
[/i]11:00 (Berlin) 10:00 (Lisboa) 13:00 (Moscow)
🔵[b]E-Motion Session[/b]
[i]Every Monday at:[/i]
15:00 (Berlin) 14:00 (Lisboa) 17:00 (Moscow)
🟢 [b]Beamy Chillout Lounge[/b]
[i]Every Wednesday at:[/i]
8:00 (Berlin) 7:00 (Lisboa) 10:00 (Moscow)



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